The Swedish Chemical Society

Division of Vibrational Spectroscopy 

The Division of Vibrational Spectroscopy at The Swedish Chemical Society is a member organization that has the following goals:

  • Spreading knowledge of vibrational spectroscopy and associated chemometric techniques
  • Supporting education in these topics
  • Bringing users, developers and instrument manufacturers together for exchange of information and discussions
  • Organizing meetings, symposia, workshops, etc
  • The society meetings are held in conjunction with the biannual Analytical Days (sv. Analysdagarna) (even years)

     What is vibrational spectroscopy? 

    Vibrational spectroscopy is the collective name for a variety of analytical techniques, usually including mid, near and far infrared and Raman spectroscopies.

    They are powerful tools frequently used in both academia and industry.In fundamental research they provide information about chemical identity, chemical bonding and structure.

    Applications are e.g. monitoring, regulating and controlling processes and determining product quality within many branches of industry and the public sector.

    Examples are found in clinical measurement, environmental measurement, waste management, forest industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, homeland security, chemical industry, semiconductor industry and biotech industry.

    Disclaimer: Other organisations may use the term “vibspec” in their URL. These organisations are different from Swedish VibSpec and not at all related.

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